Marigold Oleoresin
Feed grade

Xanthophyll Min. 125gm/kg
Lutein 70% min.
Epoxides 22% max.
Total volatile matter 0.5% max
Anti-oxidant As agreed with buyer
Diluents / Additives None
Microbiology Free from micro-organisms and their toxic metabolites
Packing 200 kg in epoxy coated mild steel drums

End-to-end Manufacturers of Marigold Oleoresin

Complete Control over the Supply Chain

  • In contract with over 3000 farmers for Marigold cultivation
  • In-house Silaging and Pelleting plant
  • In-house Extraction and packing facilities
  • In-house QA Labs with state of the art equipment

PJ Margo is one of the India's premier manufacturers and marketers of botanical extracta and formulations used in food and agriculture.

It is a joint venture with Certis USA, a subsidiary of Mitsui and Co., Japan .

Building relationships with farmers since 1992

PJ Margo was established in 1992 as a joint venture with Certis USA to develop a supply chain for neem seeds and contract manufacture Azadirachtin - a bio-pesticide certified for use in organic farming. Over the years, PJ Margo has built up a portfolio of organic and eco-friendly botanical extracts and formulations for the agriculture market that includes bio-pesticides, fertilizers and growth stimulants. The company supplies various active ingredients to its partners in the US and also markets its own formulations under the brand MARGO that is available across most agricultural markets in India.

Deepening relationships with farmers through contract farming

Having established a brand name amongst farmers in India with its MARGO brand of crop protection solutions, PJ Margo further diversified its operations into contract farming Marigold with the focus on manufacturing marigold oleoresin. The company worked with 1500 farmers in 2011 to source Marigold and successfully extracted and exported the oleoresin from its new Marigold processing facilities.

In 2012, PJ Margo is working with over 3000 farmers for Marigold farming and is looking to build relationships with buyers of high quality marigold oleoresin.

Top of the line preparation extraction and QA facilities

High quality, consistency and timely deliveries are key to PJ Margo's operations and these are the principles on which the company has successfully met the demands of its international clients and their respective government norms for the last 20 years. The company has state of the art preparatory, extraction and QA facilities that ensure that every customer is satisfied and renew their supply arrangements with PJ Margo year on year.