About PJ Margo

PJ Margo Private Limited, the largest manufacturer and exporter of Neem Oil and Azadirachtin in India since 1993, is a joint venture between the Jaipurias and Certis USA, LLC, a subsidiary of Mitsui, Japan.

PJ Margo’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Tumkur in Karnataka has a sophisticated quality control laboratory and specializes in botanical extractions including extraction of Azadirachtin from Neem seeds.

Margo Biocontrols Private Limited, a 100% subsidiary of PJ Margo, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of Biological crop protection products. Margo Biocontrols was set up in 1995, with a mission to “provide safe, effective and eco-friendly crop protection solutions” to the Indian farmer.

Margo range of products has application from the seed-sowing stage to crop harvest. The products are registered with Central Insecticides Board (CIB), Faridabad and under Fertilizer Control Order (FCO) as applicable. All products find application in Insect Resistance Management (IRM), Chemical Residue Management and also in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Nutrient Management & Soil health programs.

Providing eco-friendly andeconomical crop careproducts to farmers

MARGO’s R&D Centre

PJ Margo has established state-of-the-art Research facility at Bangalore, India. This facility is recognized by Department of Science & Industrial Research, Govt. of INDIA and certified by ISO 9001:2015.

MARGO’s R&D Centre has well equipped laboratories for Natural Products, Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry, Entomology and Crop-physiology. R&D team is undertaking multidisciplinary research with the sole objective of providing innovative and eco-friendly products/solutions as per customer needs for safe and sustainable agriculture.

PJ Margo’s R&D Centre can support external customers in the following areas:

  • Neem Products - Azadirachtin Analysis in Neem Formulations and technical material, Neem Oil and Neem Cake
  • Biostimulants – Cytokinin type of activity, Auxin type of activity, Gibberellins type of activity
  • Lab bioefficacy studies – Insecticidal and nematicidal activity of pesticides
  • Greenhouse studies - Plant growth promotion activity, abiotic stress tolerance activity
  • Field studies – Field trial of Agrochemicals on vegetable crops such as potato, tomato, chillies, Brinjal, cabbage, Capsicum etc.